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Working together to encourage Orange County’s youth not to join gangs

OC GRIP conducts a series of community-oriented campaigns, which are essential to the overall success of the program.

Student Meetings

Monthly meetings are conducted by law enforcement with students identified by teachers and principals. The purpose is to make the student and parents accountable for the student’s improvement in behavior, academics and school attendance.


meetings per year

Student Curriculum

All 5th or 6th grade students at each elementary school receive gang prevention and education courses.


students attended presentations at OC GRIP schools

Programs for Student Engagement

Crime increases when students are not in school. OC GRIP provides the following opportunities for students to be engaged in programs during spring and summer breaks.


OC GRIP and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Baseball Incentive


Soccer Athletic Enrichment Programs


Athletic Enrichment Programs including Taekwondo and Dance


Ford Mentor Program

OC GRIP Countywide Truancy Outcomes Unexcused Absences

Truancy Sweeps & Interventions

OC GRIP focuses on Truancy because 76% of the people in California State prison today committed Truancy as their first crime.

Intervention Meetings

OC GRIP Intervention Meetings consist of law enforcement officers, probation officers, deputy district attorneys and social workers, who meet with students and parents or students who have moved beyond the at-risk phase and have actually begun exhibiting either gang behavior or issues at school.

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Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are support meetings that provide parents and the community an educational support system. Parents volunteer as “parent-greeters” at their child’s school and become involved in neighborhood watch programs in their community.


parents regularly attend parent meetings at all OC GRIP schools


of parents volunteers as “Parent Greeters” every morning

Intervention Meetings

Intervention meetings are held with students and their parents who have been identified as being “at-risk” of joining a gang by the school and/or OC GRIP law enforcement officers.

20 to 50

intervention meetings per year

Faculty Presentations

Teachers, staff, and school administrators at every GRIP school are required to attend gang education training.


faculty presentations at all GRIP schools


teachers volunteered to mentor at-risk students

Employees of local corporations volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of the students in our community.  Employees teach students different career paths that they might otherwise not be aware of; life skills; and encourage the students to make good choices.  At the conclusion of the mentorship programs, students can earn the privilege to visit the business headquarters, and experience a day in the life at these businesses.


OC GRIP focuses on “The Three A’s” at every GRIP school.

OC GRIP strives to improve ACADEMICS, increase school ATTENDANCE, and improve student’s ATTITUDE.

Studies show student mentorship decreases deviant behavior and increases participation in school.  OC GRIP partners with law enforcement officers, private businesses, and non-profit organizations to match mentors with a student mentee.


faculty teacher mentors who mentor a child not in their classroom all year long


Deputy District Attorneys, DA Investigators, and Probation Officers volunteer at GRIP II schools


Ford Motor Company employees mentor GRIP students once a month


of Big Brother and Big Sister mentors meet with GRIP students 2-4 times a month